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Prayer Pavilion Project

Gazebo Sample.jpg

Goal: $20,000

Almost two years ago, we purchased a 2.44 acre parcel of land located on the bluff directly in front of the 3 acres where we built Redemption. All summer, people on our teams or attending retreats would walk out to the bluff to spend time in prayer.


It didn't take long for us to see the value of creating some space where people could meet God. That's why most come to join us! Redemption is the center of operations for North of Hope, it's also a place of peace where people are able to hear God's voice.


Our goal is to raise the funds needed to put in 400' of gravel pathway, create four prayer benches along the way and to provide the materials to build the actual Prayer Pavilion on the bluff overlooking Cook Inlet.


Thank you for supporting our efforts and for making this incredible addition possible! When you designate your gift to the Prayer Pavilion Project, we will set that aside for that purpose. Thank you so much!           


~ Praying God's grace to be yours...

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