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Capital Projects

At North of Hope we are looking for significant partnerships to accomplish great things. Below you will find specifics about those needs and how to engage.

Greenhouse Irrigation


We received funding for Raised Beds and a Greenhouse to address food security for families in need. This irrigation system is needed to support this initiative.


Top Soil for Greenhouse


We received funding for Raised Beds and a Greenhouse to address food security for families in need. This top soil is needed to support this initiative. 


Concrete Floor

for Shop


We must replace the dirt floor in our shop with poured concrete. This will allow us to service our vehicles. Size is 24' x 24'.

ONE TIME GIFT of $2,700

$2,400 given, now just need $300!

Siding for Mill Cabin


Cover the painted OSB plywood on the Mill Cabin with metal siding that will endure the harsh Alaska weather. 

ONE TIME GIFT of $1,700

Septic Tank Installation.jpg

Septic System for Fireweed Cottage


Install a weather-proof septic system to our primary staff housing.

ONE TIME GIFT of $3,000

Fresh Water Supply for Fireweed Cottage


Install permanent freeze protected freshwater system for the Fireweed Cottage.

ONE TIME GIFT of $1,600

Fresh Water Supply.jpg
Prayer Pavilion Plans.jpg

Build Prayer Pavilion for Eagles Bluff


The Prayer Pavilion construction will cost a total of $16,000. We are looking for four donors who will each sponsor a prayer direction: North, South, East, and West. 

We need Four Partners to join us.

4 ONE TIME GIFTS of $4,000

Install Prayer Stations for Eagle's Bluff


Along the path to Eagle's Bluff Prayer Pavilion, we will be putting in three prayer stations. This will allow a contemplative journey as each person makes their way to the overlook. This will include benches for reflection as well as printed story & scripture about how God meets us. Each station will cost $420. 

4 ONE TIME GIFTS of $420

Prayer Stations.jpg
Gravel Path.jpg

Install 100' of Gravel Walkway to Eagle's Bluff


Provide the materials and costs associated with developing four 100 foot sections of walking path between Prayer Stations, and to the Prayer Pavilion.


Purchase New Boat for North of Hope


The maturing work of North of Hope has opened the door to ministry that goes beyond the capabilities of our current boat. We need one that has an enclosed, heated cabin, a flush toilet, sleeping birth and a deck large enough to fish six people at once. This will better serve those that God is sending. That way, moms, children and older adults will be protected from the weather, safe from the issues of hypothermia we encounter with our current boat.

We are excited to find out how God is going to provide this incredible tool of ministry! We understand the size of miracle we're believing God to provide. Yet he's the one who gave us this promise. We are looking for a new or used Offshore model aluminum boat that is 28' to 30' in length. Twin 225's or larger with up to 190-gallon fuel capacity.

We believe there is a boat out there, already selected by God that will be used for ministry. We have proven faithful with our current boat and stand ready to faithfully steward this next tool of ministry here in Alaska. We have an experienced captain ready to take the helm. Our goal is to begin raising the funds and see what God does.

Cost is Unknown 

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