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Empowering Culture, Developing Community

Just one of the key ways we have partnered with local Alaska Native villages is through construction projects that advance and sustain the recovery of culture. We have built new Carving Sheds in Kasaan, Hydaburg and Klawock. It's been our honor to build a Canoe Pavilion and Bell Tower as well as advancing work on a new Totem Park in Klawock.

North of Hope recently completed a very significant project known as the Naa Iwaans Long House Project in Hydaburg, Alaska where we have seven years of investment into the local economy. We highly value putting our hearts and hands to the restoration of Alaska native culture.


Every one of these efforts involve the use of Red and Yellow Cedar milled onsite. All logs are a part of a sustainable harvest ethos that is organized by the tribes.

We understand the value of a wholistic approach to investing into a community. Culture is important, yet so is clean water, unimpeded access to food sources, jobs, schooling and economic development of a community to its fullest potential. An absolute value we hold to is that the local people are in charge of their destiny. As capacity develops, people naturally begin taking more and more responsibility for their community.

Our role will naturally diminish over time. This is a good thing! After that, our stories will include one another for all time. These friendships are the kind that endure.

The photos below display many of the projects completed to date.

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