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"Every day begins with the hope
that we might
change the world."

Redemption Lodging & Retreats

Located on the Kenai Peninsula just north of Anchor Point, Alaska - Redemption has offered peace and tranquility to many who are in need of rest. Most of us experience seasons of life where a safe and peaceful retreat would be exactly what's needed to reflect, rest and gain margin. The photos to the right are of the facilities we offer individuals and small groups. Our single-hearted goal is that your load would be made just a little bit lighter by a visit to this haven. Read the Redemption Story HERE.

Redemption Accommodations Photo Gallery

Rack of Halibut.jpg

Fishing Adventures

Fishing in Alaska almost always involves catching! Putting fresh fish in the freezer addresses the critical need for food security. Catching always involves processing your fish after, and celebration of what happens each trip is so much fun!

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