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Bite-Size Investments


Every single person and every single church or organization's contribution matters! Our mission here at North of Hope is to inspire others to make a difference. For many, that means giving what they are able. To some, that might not feel like a lot. But we have seen a collection of people whose gifts are smaller in size end up making a remarkable difference together.


Check out the opportunities below! We are sure there is something that fits every budget.

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This five-minute video will inspire you to take action on behalf of anyone in ministry that needs rest and refocusing on life and calling. Feel free to share this with your church or ministry group!

Sponsor a Pastor or Ministry Leader


One person, a family or a small church of any size can sponsor their pastor or ministry leader. We have created a space where people can come to hear God. The value of self care is best discovered before burnout happens. You could be the key to giving someone a lifetime of balanced ministry. By making an annual commitment of $420 ($35 each month) you will be making an indelible difference in the lives of many. 

What We Offer

Rest - Stop what you're doing, put your calendar on hold. Get away from your routine.

Reset - Focus on God's voice, remember his promises and right-size your schedule.

Return- With a fresh revelation of mission, lead with renewed passion for your community.


The toils and troubles of life and ministry can get anyone off track. Redemption is a place set aside where folks can rest in the Lord, and rest from work. This time away to find our way back to our first love can be an incredible investment into God's kingdom.


Apply Today

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House Painting in Seward, AK


We have two homes that belong to Alaska native elders that need to be painted. Each one needs prep work and repair to make it ready. A gift of $1,000 will supply all the paint, caulking and tools necessary to complete the job. We will organize the labor to complete each one.


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