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Chemo Comfort Bags

Chemo Comfort Bag.jpg

Since 2016, North of Hope has partnered with friends, family, and community members to provide chemo comfort bags for women and men who are undergoing chemotherapy in Alaska.


After undergoing two rounds of breast cancer treatment, Teresa Koop knows how important a few comfort items can be while undergoing chemotherapy. When a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, Teresa and Laura had the idea of putting together a chemo comfort bag for their friend. The idea grew from there, and since 2016 over 50 chemo comfort bags have been delivered to patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Each bag contains comfort items to help ease the physical discomfort of chemotherapy. But more importantly, each bag offers a bit of emotional comfort.


To sponsor a chemo comfort bag, click on the yellow donate button at the bottom of the page, and be sure to write "Chemo Comfort Bag" in the notes. Thank you for your sponsorship and your gift of comfort.

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